Frequently Asked Questions


Can I RSVP online? You guys do everything online!

No. ¬†We’re going old-school.


What day/time is the wedding?

If you lost your invitation, please contact us using the form on the home page!


What is on the menu? Is there a vegetarian option?

Don’t worry! There will be a LOT of food. For everyone! Come hungry! Details will be posted in October.


What is the attire?

Dress to impress! Formal but not black tie.

It will probably be chilly at night, so bring a warm layer, and check the weather a few days before.


Are your dogs in the wedding?

No. They are busy guarding the house while we are not home.


You guys should totally have your dogs in the wedding!

Our dogs can be in your wedding, but not in ours!


I have a question that I can’t find the answer to using your website. Yes, I tried Google.

No problem – contact us using the form on the home page!